The story begins when the topographical engineer Ricardo Alcácer had to locate on the map and inspect over three thousand records of all types and in different environments of Castellón Province.

He noted that operators had trouble handling the covers of steel with the usual media and also unwilling to carry much weight because of the difficulty of the terrain.

Some initial sketches became a lot of different designs and eventually a dozen full-scale prototypes.

At the beginning of 2015 with great enthusiasm we present an innovative device, different to all existing, more than forty workers and technical specialists evaluated and tested it, this was very important for us because we helped to improve and trust in the possibilities of our product.

LifterPro is a company with a young and creative team. We would like to help to solve everyday people problems.

Ricardo Alcácer is the inventor and founder of LifterPro, professional of topography, adventure sports enthusiast and has solid experience in designing and manufacturing .

We are convinced that LifterPro improves labour quality and saves work and

We are committed to prove it!

Ricardo Alcácer



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